We offer financing solutions for your debt settlement clients in a whole new way

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Better Cash Flow

Payout in Days, Not Years

Better Solutions

How Freshstart Works

Your client is enrolled in a debt settlement program and has made 6 consecutive monthly payments

Your client is now eligible to apply for a loan to settle debt at a reduced amount through Freshstart Lending

Upon approval your client receives the funds in an escrow account to pay off the creditors

Why Freshstart?

Improve Cashflow

Help your clients pay off debts faster and you can get your payout in days, as opposed to years.

Offer a Better Solution

Provide your clients with a monthly payment they can afford to help them pay off their debt.

Access to Capital

We offer a customized solution to your clients, allowing you to continue to grow your business and improve your bottom line.

Convert More Clients

We offer fast pre-approvals and low monthly payments, allowing you to convert more of your clients.